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See a sample resume for a college student here.

If you have current or prior internship/work experience consider using a Functional Resume style which will allow you to highlight accomplishments you have achieved in your previous/current position. See a sample functional resume here.

Will Your Resume Stand Out in a Crowd? QUIZ
by Career Coach Robin Ryan

Will Your Resumé Stand Out In A Crowd?
A top quality resumé is essential to your success. Is it good enough to grab an employer's attention? Companies have hundreds vying for every job. This quiz was compiled by Robin Ryan based on hiring surveys, employer interviews and experience in helping numerous people create eye catching resumés that landed jobs.

Take this quiz to see if your resumé would be picked out of the competition:

___Is your resumé one page? Brief and concise works best. Employers scan resumés with a 15-20 second glance. Be a skillful editor, deleting the portions which are not relevant or least helpful to your securing that particular position. Emphasize your more recent experience in the last 5 - 7 years. Use different resumés to target different job titles.

___Does your resumé describe results and accomplishments? Employers want proof that you can do the job. Specifics that demonstrate your accomplishments are crucial. Show what you have increased or decreased, how you saved money, and contributed to the productivity and bottomline.

___Is your resumé visually appealing? The appearance of the resumé cannot be overemphasized! Use high quality paper. Watch for spacing and margins. Allow for lots of WHITE SPACE and BORDERS. Make use of italicizing, CAPITALS, underlining, bolding, indentations, and .bullets. to emphasize your important points. Use a computer and get a laser printed copy of your resumé to give it a sharp, professional look. PROOFREAD - make your resumé a perfect example of you!

___Does your resumé include a Summary of Qualifications section? This 5-6 sentence section will triple your impact. It includes your experience and top selling points to do the job.

___Are you starting each sentence with an action verb? Begin sentences with descriptive action verbs - such as established, analyzed, implemented, designed, organized - they add power to your sentences.

___Is your tone positive, excluding personal statistics and abbreviations? Spell out names of schools, cities, and abbreviations completely. It is more professional to give complete information, as employers may not recognize abbreviations or acronyms. Never state why you left a position. It is no longer considered professional or wise to include information about marital status, gender, height, weight, or health on your resumé. How did you do?

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