Career Planning and Placement

Interviewing Tips

It is imperative that you practice, practice, practice, for each and every interview. Research the company you are interviewing with, get your interview suit together and contact your career advisor to reserve a time for a Mock Interview. The Mock interview is conducted by the career advisor or a corporate recruiter. The Mock interview is the perfect opportunity to practice your interviewing skills.

Additional Interview Tips (pdf)

Behavioral Based Interviews
The majority of first round interviews for entry level positions are “behavioral based interviews”. Behavioral based interviews allow the employer to ask questions about specific job related experiences. When answering behavioral based interview questions, utilize the STAR method to provide specific:  Situation Task, Action, and Results examples of your prior job/internship/academic related experiences.

Sample Interview Questions (pdf)

Great Interviewing Reference
For sample interview questions and brain teasers that might be asked of college students.

60 Seconds and You’re Hired, by Robin Ryan (career coach)

Interview Attire
All students are required to wear a navy blue or dark grey business suit to all interviews for full time jobs and interviews. Never wear a BLACK suit to an interview, navy blue or dark grey only. A white shirt, a conservative tie, dark shoes and socks will complete your interview outfit. Never wear just a shirt and tie to an interview, the full suit including jacket and slacks complete the required interview attire.

Earrings are strictly forbidden. Jewelry should be limited to a conservative watch.
It is recommended that hairstyles and facial hair be kept very conservative for interviewing.

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