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Student Organizations

Morehouse College Student organizations give Men of Morehouse an opportunity for experiential learning. In addition, participation in student organizations aid students with applying many of the lessons taught via the classroom to real life situations. Our student organizations cover every aspect of the student voice. Overall the student organizations here at Morehouse College provide students with a chance to stay active, meet new people, and build a wealth of memorable experiences.

Types of Organizations:

Academic/Pre-professional organizations foster the appreciation of a particular academic fi eld or discipline among the student body or serve as a governing body within a particular college division. Academic/Pre-Professional organizations provide an opportunity for individuals to discuss and share information related to a specific academicfield, topic or interest.

Athletic organizations encourage participation in sport activities. They also aid in the development of skills, knowledge and support of a particular sport or leisure activity.

Cultural organizations encourage appreciation for cultural diversity among its members and the campus community.

Religious/Spiritual organizations assist in the spiritual development, instruction and fellowship of students. These organizations foster interdenominational, denominational or specific spiritual and/or religious tenets.

Residential Life Government
Residential Life Government organizations serve as a liaison between the Morehouse College community and the members of the various residence halls, with the overall goal of enhancing student life and residential living.

Service organizations focus on outreach efforts for the campus as well as community projects. Service organizations are an excellent way to give back to the community and gain experience in your field. These organizations provide philanthropic and/or altruistic service to the campus and/or community.

Social/Political Action
Social/Political Action organizations address social, political and governmental concerns and promote interest in these areas at the campus, local, state and national levels.

Special Interest
Special Interest organizations encourage students to discuss and share information regarding a particular area of interest and/or awareness of a topic not necessarily related to other specified categories.

State/International Club
State/International organizations help students maintain contact with their home state or international country by strengthening friendships among students from the same state or country. These groups hold social activities, establish travel connections among students, and perform social service projects for the College and the community.

The Music Department sponsors the concert, jazz and marching bands. For more information contact the Music Department.

Glee Club
The Glee Club is the official singing organization of Morehouse College and is on duty to serve the President at all times throughout the year. Along with local concerts, there is an annual spring tour, which averages ten to fifteen cities in two to three weeks. The members do not receive academic credit. Auditions are held at the beginning of each semester and all majors may participate.

Forms and Documents

Student Organization Charter Form
Student Organization Registration Packet
Advisors Training Manual
  Facilities Request Forms
Student Organization Sites