Office of Event Support Services

James Smartt
Event Support Services Director
Triplex, Building #9
Ph. (470) 639-0981
Fax: (404) 507-8613

The Office of Event Support Services is the primary point of contact for inquiries regarding the availability of and reservation of most Morehouse College campus facilities. Please refer to the Morehouse College Facilities Use Policy to ensure that your desired use of our College facilities is allowed and appropriate. There you will find helpful information regarding parking and security requirements, requirements for sponsorship, priorities of use, cleaning, etc.

Services provided by our office include:

  • Maintenance of the campus facility event calendar
  • Assistance with temporary structural modifications e.g., staging & props, lighting, sound, visual
  • Recommendations regarding necessary equipment usage, set-up, logistics and planning
  • Liaison with other on-campus service providers and/or outside contractors and vendors

Staff members:

Warren Green
Event Support Services Assistant
Triplex, Building #9 
Ph. (470) 639-0536
Fax: (404) 215-2718
Reginald Sargent
Audio/Visual Technician,
Ray Charles Performing Arts Center
Ph. (470) 639-0649
Fax: (404) 653-7733
Shiekgo Carter
Event Support Services Coordinator
Triplex Building #9
Ph. (470) 639-0988
Fax: (404) 215-2718
Keith Sherrer
Audio/Visual Technician,
Shirley A. Massey Executive Conference Center
Triplex, Building #9
Ph. (470) 639-0595
Fax: (404) 215-2718
Sam Phillips
Logistics Manager for King Chapel
Ph. (470) 639-0769
Fax: (404) 653-7733
Ronnieka Anderson 
Guest Suites Coordinator
Triplex Building #9
Ph. (678) 595-7801
Guy Mitchell
AV Technician
Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel 
Ph. (404) 808-6276

New: Requests Through Our Online Reservation System
Please follow these Instructions for Making Online Reservations to book our facilities (excluding the Shirley A. Massey Executive Conference Center and the Ray Charles Performing Arts Center). 

Be sure you are using the appropriate request form for your desired facility request. When your request is approved, your original copy of the request form will be returned to you via inner-office mail. Please contact the Office of Event Support Services if you need to cancel your event. This will help us provide professional and prompt service for other events and programs.

For requests from non-Morehouse College departments, please contact Warren Green or Shiekgo Carter.  

Comprehensive Facilities Chart

**NOTE: The facility request forms on this page are all available in Microsoft Word.

Venue Options

Chapel Facilities

Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel

  • African American Hall of Fame
  • King Chapel Lobby
  • King Chapel Auditorium
  • King Chapel Plaza
Danforth Chapel
Sale Hall Chapel


Thomas Kilgore Jr. Campus Center



Faculty Lounge


Seminar Rooms 212-214


General Facilities

Brawley Hall Room 100

Campus Plateau

Dansby Hall Lecture Room 200

Henderson Lounge

Lane/Chivers Dining Hall

Merrill Hall Room 111

Nabrit/Mapp/McBay I & II

TRIO Parking Lot


Miscellaneous Facilities

Archer Hall 

BT Harvey Football Stadium 

Campus Green 

Davidson House 

Forbes Olympic Arena 

Mays Lounge 


Contact: Shiekgo Carter

Meeting/Banquet Room(s) (A-F)

Bank of America Auditorium

Concourse/Pre-Function Motorola Lobby


Ray Charles Performing Art Center Request Form (For non-Music Department related events)

Contact: Shiekgo Carter