About the Brisbane Institute

The Brisbane Institute was founded in 1984 to honor Dr. Robert Brisbane as a permanent and lasting memorial to his career long work of research, publication, and public service. During its initial existence the Institute actively sponsored outreach programs seeking to "identify, research (and) examine through forums and seminars, and to disseminate information about government and political problems that are most salient to the well-being of Black people in the south."

Re-established in 1996, under the leadership of Dr. Hasan Crockett, the Institute concentrated on designing and implementing replicable model programs that emphasized political leadership and community-based research. These programs all focused on addressing the political and social needs of the African American and larger communities.

Today, the Brisbane Institue is entering a third phase. Dr. Matthew B. Platt seeks to shift the emphasis more towards the needs of political science students, faculty, and alumni. The Institute is trying to become established as a clearinghouse for information about internships, summer research programs, and other political events that would be of interest to our students. We also hope that the Brisbane Institute can serve as a bridge between current political science students and all of our illustrious alumni in the fields of law, public policy, urban planning, and politics (and whatever other fields our amazing alumni have branched out into). Lastly, the Brisbane Institute will continue its charge to conduct research on behalf of and in partnership with a broader black community. To that end, we are in the process of developing new research projects and recruiting students to work on them. This is an exciting time for the Brisbane Institute, we hope you will join us for the rebirth of a vital Morehouse institution.