The Institute for Social Justice Inquiry and Praxis

The Institute for Social Justice Inquiry and Praxis serves as a social justice hub of AYCGL that utilizes "freedom" theories - in real time - in ways that teach, develop and implement solutions to social justice inequalities, particularly as they relate to peoples of Africa and its Diaspora.  The Institute equips student scholars, academics, community advocates and activists in ways that make lived experiences and living spaces better for those who are too often marginalized.

In line with core programming of AYCGL, the Institute is committed to activities relative to theory and practice that promote awareness, understanding and the moral and ethical engagement of:

  • Historical contributions, traditions, beliefs, and values of cultures and societies around the world, especially Africa and its Diasporas;
  • Original voices, and new and more diverse groups of constituents and ideas in search of novel solutions to social inequity;
  • Interactions of gender, race, class, and ethnicity in establishing and reproducing inequality and paths toward the eradication of said inequalities;
  • Human costs and consequences of major world periods and events such as slavery and the slave trade, colonialism, imperialism, modern revolutions, wars and internal conflict;
  • Roles, strategies, and ideologies of leaders who challenged structural sources of global inequality;
  • Opportunities for faculty members and student scholars to civically engage and to collaborate with affected communities, collectively defining problems and developing innovative solutions to complex social ills.

Social Impact (SI)

Social Impact (SI) is a bi-monthly bulletin [audio, video and written] from the Institute for Social Justice Inquiry and Praxis.  It is designed to highlight good works, and to stimulate conversation about social equality.  SI also aims to provide resources for persons and communities interested in varied advocacy and activist opportunities.  Emphasis is placed on creative expressions of social impact and will privilege innovative visions of how to effect change for the better.

Social Justice Theory and PraxisThe National Football League, Morehouse College, Sports Activism and Accountability

The Advocacy in Sport Workshop at Morehouse is a collaboration with the NFL that utilizes the genius of Morehouse College students and professors, and the innovation of athletes in figuring how to fine-tune advocacy and individual democratic space. The workshop began in February 2018 as the result of a years-long effort to center social justice through sport, and will continue as part of a Leadership and Advocacy in Sport Initiative that will include a March 2019 workshop with athletes participating from across leagues.

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