Andrew Young Center for Global Leadership

Ethical Training Programs

King StatueThe Andrew Young Center for Global Leadership develops campus-based local, state, national, and international training and consultation programs for undergraduate and pre-college students, alumni, leadership educators and practitioners, public leaders, college faculty and administration.  The programs consisting of lectures, customized workshops, international ethical leadership certificate programs, along with structured certificate programs targeted to mid-level and senior-level leaders in business, public service, higher education, science and religious institutions.

Poignant rituals, hands-on workshops, community development projects and intensive experiential strategies are all part of the programs and training developed by the Andrew Young Center for Global Leadership. Among other things, the training addresses how spiritual and environmental elements shape human consciousness and actions. Participants grasp the importance of being alert, working through fear and seeking help—even from those they lead. They learn to look deep within and discover the gifts of freedom, imagination and creativity.