Andrew Young Center for Global Leadership

About The Center

Twenty five years ago, The Andrew Young Center for International Affairs was established at Morehouse College to carry on the legacy of the former UN Ambassador, US Representative, and Mayor of Atlanta, GA.  Two years later the Leadership Center was established with a generous grant of $1 million from The Coca-Cola Foundation in response to the increasing need to develop ethically trained young men capable of leading in a broad range of environments and fields.  In 2012, these two Centers were merged to become The Andrew Young Center for Global Leadership.

Since its inception, The Center has offered a distinctive educational program comprised of leadership education, study abroad experiences, service learning and other co-curricular activities.  Our students have been provided with a rich and diverse experience through lectures, skills training, small group discussions with world leaders, as well as mentoring, internships and travel opportunities.  The Andrew Young Center for Global Leadership serves as a national model for academic leadership programs and is a preeminent academic center for the study and practice of leadership that focuses and sustains an inclusive global civil society.

Beginning Fall 2018, the work of the Andrew Young Center for Global Leadership will reflect the College's continued commitment to academic excellence and global influence.  The Andrew Young Center will be grounded in the social justice and leadership models of Thurman, Mays, and King, and will create intellectual engagemnt and training opportunities for faculty, students, and the broader national and international community.  To facilitate outcomes, The Center will be comprised of four interdependent institutes designed to provide institutional, national and international leadership in the examination of and generation of solutions for global challenges, the study of social justice based leadership, social justice activism training and the development of social change agents, and co-curricular experiences designed to prepare students for lives a global citizens and leaders.

  1. The Institute For Academic Engagement, Research and Policy
  2. The Leadership Studies Program (Minor degree and programming open to all majors)
  3. The Institute For Social Justice Theory and Praxis (Social Activism Leadership Training)
  4. The Institute For Experiential Education and Career Development