Internal Auditing and Advisory Services


What Is the EthicsPoint?
Morehouse established EthicsPoint in September of 2004 – a toll-free number that employees and students can call any time to anonymously report suspected unethical behavior. 

Employees and students are encouraged to use the EthicsPoint to report any behavior that is not right and not in line with our values of excellence.

Morehouse strongly endorse and support the EthicsPoint for the following reason:

  • The EthicsPoint provides a means to anonymously report suspected unethical behavior at any time, 24 hours per day, and seven days per week. 
  • Calls and e-mails to the EthicsPoint are received by The Network, Inc., a private firm with specialists who are trained to ascertain information from the caller and accurately report the information to the College. 
  • EthicsPoint calls and e-mails are investigated by the Chief Audit Officer, the Director of Institutional Compliance, or other appropriate College officials, and the results are reported to me and the Chairman of the Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees.
  • EthicsPoint calls and e-mails have resulted in significant actions taken to deal with instances of improper or unethical conduct.
  • EthicsPoints calls and e-mails are absolutely confidential and express your commitment to good stewardship and higher education’s best practices.

We wish to emphasize that the Morehouse EthicsPoint is not meant to replace your speaking directly with your supervisor or the Office of Human Resources, Student Conduct, Internal Audit, or Institutional Compliance if you have a concern. There may be, however, instances where you may not feel comfortable using traditional reporting processes, and the EthicsPoint provides an alternative reporting method. We encourage you to use the EthicsPoint as an alternative if it becomes necessary.

At Morehouse, how we do business is as important as the business we do. So, if you have a concern about unethical activity in our work/school environment, please speak up. Talk with your supervisor or the Office of Human Resources. Or call the EthicsPoint at 1-888-299-9540 or visit

Why Should I Care?
Unethical or illegal activity can have serious consequences for individuals. Morehouse College may also be financially penalized through lawsuits, claims, fines or restrictions. But most importantly, you should care because this is your College and what harms it can harm you personally and professionally.

If you see or suspect unethical or illegal activity, don’t ignore it. Express your concern. You could stop a friend from making a big mistake. If the situation doesn’t improve, discuss your concerns with the appropriate supervisor.

Think Before You Act
If you are ever tempted to act unethically, ask yourself:

  • Is it illegal?
  • Does it violate our Standards of Conduct?
  • Could it cause loss or harm to your co-workers, the students, the public, the College, or vendors doing business with the College?
  • Would you feel uncomfortable if everyone knew you did it?

If you answer ‘yes” to any of these questions, the action is wrong. Don’t do it. If the answers aren’t clear, consult College policy or speak to a supervisor. When you do what’s right, you uphold our high standards and set a good example for others.

When You Call
Employees and students can report allegations of misconduct or suspected unethical or improper behavior in several ways.  They may make anonymous reports by calling our EthicsPoint, make online reports, or make reports in person to the Ethics and Compliance Officer.

Calls to the EthicsPoint are managed by a third-party administrator.  They provide a secure, confidential, and anonymous incident reporting and handling of all calls or reports to the EthicsPoint service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Individuals who call the EthicsPoint’s toll free number (1-888-299-9540) will reach EthicsPoint personnel who are specialists trained to ascertain the relevant information from the caller.  All EthicsPoint personnel pass extensive background checks and adhere to a strict confidentiality agreement. All EthicsPoint Hotline information is kept in a secure and safe environment. 

Callers will be asked to describe the suspected problem in as much detail as possible.  Callers will not be required to identify themselves.  Upon completion of the call, an incident report will be prepared and sent to the appropriate Morehouse officials. 

Individuals who chose to report the incident online should go to the Morehouse TigerNet sign-in page and click on the “Integrity in Action” button in the upper right corner.  Prompts will be displayed to capture the needed information.

Employees are encouraged to first report suspected unethical or improper behavior directly to their Supervisors or Managers, the Office of Human Resources, or the Provost.  In addition, they may make reports directly to the Ethics and Compliance Officer or the Chief Audit Officer. Employees who do not feel comfortable with this reporting arrangement have the option of calling the EthicsPoint or reporting the incident on-line.  

Students are encouraged to first report suspected unethical or improper behavior to the Office of Student Services.  Students who do not feel comfortable with this reporting arrangement have the option of calling the EthicsPoint or reporting the incident on-line.

You are greeted by a friendly interview specialist who documents your concern and relays the information back to our College for follow-up. You don’t have to give your name, and your call is not recorded without your consent. The interview specialist will assign you a report number and ask you to call back to add any new information or to answer additional questions the College might have. That’s all it takes to speak up. In just a few minutes, you’ve done your part to make Morehouse College a better place. 

Non Retaliation Policy
Retaliation against members of the College community who make good faith reports regarding potential College-related violations of laws, regulations or College policies and procedures, include the College’s Code of Conduct is prohibited.  Employees will not be subject to any form of retaliation such as firing, demotion, harassment, or miss out on promotion, even if the investigation findings do not support the nature of the complaint, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against the individuals who violate this policy and engage in retaliatory conduct. 

Please feel free to submit reports via the web: