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There is no place like the House

Campus is normally teeming with activity as we welcome dozens of future men of Morehouse and their families each day.

Take a Walk Down Brown Street

Sometimes you just know. You know from the moment you breathe in the air and ethos of a place that it's where you want to be. It's home.

Just one walk down Brown Street on a typical day at Morehouse is usually when that moment happens. In that walk through the heart of our historic campus you'll brush shoulders with thousands of students and professors from across the Atlanta University Center. Then it hits you. You're standing at the epicenter of the HBCU world and it's built just for you.

These are not normal times. And, we've had to suspend in-person campus tours until it's safe to bring visitors back to campus.

We launched a self-guided virtual tour of campus to give you a glimpse of what a day at Morehouse is like.

If you have questions about our campus, email to set up time to talk with one of our admissions counselors.


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They are experts in creating opportunity for Black people. They also serve as a place of learning for students of all races open to understanding the Black experience.

'ROI On HBCUs: The Role Of Historically Black Colleges In The 21st Century', Forbes Magazine, May 2, 2016