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Compliance committees and Responsibilities


The College liaisons with two compliance committees. They are the Senior Advisory Ethics and Compliance Committee and the Ethics and Compliance Committee. Both committees are responsible for providing assistance to the Compliance Officer


The Sr. Advisory Ethics and the Compliance Committee provides management level input into the Ethics and Compliance program. Their responsibility is also to provide general oversight and work to make sure the importance of compliance is well publicized and well understood throughout the College.


The Ethics and Compliance Committee is a functional compliance work committee that provides assistance to the Compliance Officer in identifying risks and ensuring that they are addressed. They also provide feedback to the Compliance Officer on mitigation plans, compliance activities, and best practices. In addition, both committees are responsible for:

  • providing compliance ideas
  • reviewing the annual compliance plan
  • reviewing proposed approaches to monitoring compliance
  • encouraging institution-wide cooperation
  • helping to ensure general follow-up to compliance reports