What is Internal auditing and advisory Services at MOrehouse (IAAS)?


The Department of Internal Auditing and Advisory Services (IAAS), headed by the Chief Audit Officer (CAO), is an independent appraisal function that audits, reviews and evaluates Morehouse College’s internal controls and business processes as a service to management. IAAS conducts internal audits and reviews consistent with professional standards. Reviews are similar to audits but are more limited in scope and duration. The evidential matter gathered forms the basis for recommendations and an opinion is provided to management in a written report. The report generally attests to the adequacy of internal controls; compliance with the college’s policies and procedures; and the effectiveness and efficiency in achieving institutional objectives.


Audits and reviews provide you with helpful and important information on whether your operation employs good business practices; whether there are appropriate internal controls for your administrative processes and systems; whether there are adequate and reasonable methods to accomplish your mission economically and efficiently; and whether your operation is functioning in accordance with college policies and procedures.


IAAS also conducts investigations as requested by the Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees, the President and senior management.