Urban Studies Program


UST 261

Introduction to Urban Studies (I). 3 hours

Introduction to the historical development and ecological processes of urban-industrial society from the pre-industrial city to the present from a multi-disciplinary perspective; examines the socio-cultural, economic and political nature of urban society over time.

UST 262

Introduction to Urban Studies (II). 3 hours

A problems approach to urban society in the 20th century. Examines some possible social economic, physical, and governmental policies, and alternatives that could result in an improved urban society. Knowledge of micro-computer. That is, basic computer concepts, hardware and soft-ware, and the use of micro-computers in urban studies.

UST 361

Introduction to Urban Planning. 3 hours

Surveys the history of the field; planning theory; and planning methods. Micro-computer application in urban studies and planning.

UST 362

Techniques of Urban Planning. 3 hours

Methods and techniques for carrying out descriptive studies of current or anticipated urban conditions. Data collections, analysis and presentation techniques. Methods and models for predicting future conditions, re-quirements and problems. Steps for developing a planning document.

Prerequisite: UST 361.

UST 363/364

Urban Planning Workshop. 3 hours

A hypothetical or real-life problem is assigned for which a planning study is carried out and a professional document is prepared. Reviews and refines the content of UST 361 and UST 362. Geographic Informa-tion System (GIS) Applications in Planning and Development.

Prerequisite: UST 362.

UST 371

Introduction to Public Management. 3 hours

Examines significant issues, problems, and concepts encountered both in study and the practice of public administration. Analyzes the implication of problems and process from the vantage point of Blacks generally, and Black managers more specifically.

Prerequisite: PSC 251, 252, or equivalent.

UST 372

Urban Policy Analysis and Management. 3 hours

Examines and analyzes problems and policy making in urban areas; the role of bureaucracy in urban political systems; service production and delivery; privatization and economic development; management func-tions (e.g., organizing, planning, budgeting).

Prerequisite: PSC 252 or PSC 371

UST 401-402

Internship. 6 hours

Integrates academic training (theory) with real-life experience (practice). The practicum provides exposure to entry-level positions available to Urban Studies majors; enhances the background of students headed for graduate and profes-sional schools. The students may pursue their internships during their junior or senior years.

Prerequisite: Permission of director.

UST 411

Financial Management in Local Government. 3 hours

Analyzes the financial functions of local governments, expenditures and reve-nue, and the budgeting process. Also reviews the financial administration and intergovernmental fiscal relations.

Prerequisite: UST 371 or 372.

UST 413

Housing and Community Development. 3 hours

Analyzes the role of housing and urban renewal in the planning process and community development in the United States. Discusses housing segregation and black employment; the suburbanization of jobs, and the consequent impact of these forces on the revitalization policy of central cities.

Prerequisite: Junior status.

UST 420

Transportation Planning and Policy. 3 hours

Historical development of urban transportation planning in the United States; contemporary political and administrative frameworks. Relationship between transportation planning and comprehensive land use planning; transportation policies; characteristics and functions of various modes of urban transportation.

Prerequisite: Junior Status

UST 490

Senior Seminar in Urban Planning and Management. 3 hours

Significant topics in planning and management of urban systems in the United States. Comparative urbanization; and planning and regional development in de-veloping countries. Term research paper required of each student which reflects substantial knowledge of planning and public management. Requires the student to conceive, design, and follow-through on a research project.

Prerequisite: Senior Status