Department of Psychology


Chair: Dr. David Wall Rice
Office Location: Dansby Hall, Room 210
Office Number: (404) 215-2626
Office Fax: (404) 215-2754

The objectives of the Morehouse College Psychology Department are: to equip students with an understanding of the basic and evolving theories and concepts in psychology; to provide a strong foundation for understanding the basic principles of research in the behavioral sciences; to prepare students, academically and professionally, for advanced graduate training in psychology and related fields; to provide students with an awareness of the African American experience, and other cultural perspectives as they relate to psychology; to equip students with skills and experiences for understanding and working effectively with the social and psychological problems encountered by African American and other communities; to enhance the liberal arts experience with training in written and oral communication skills; to encourage and provide training in critical and creative thinking; to encourage ethical behavior and a tolerance for ambiguity, reflecting the values of the discipline of psychology; and to foster self-understanding, self-improvement and insight into others’ behavior.

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Supplemental Materials for Faculty Lecture Series:
Jann Adams: Would like to recommend that faculty/students read at least two articles for her talk in the Summer/Falll 2005 issue (Vol. 7, No 4) of the Peer Review Journal. The title of the issue is Integrative Learning. This journal is a publication of the American Association of Colleges and Universities. The two highly recommended articles can be retrieved online at: article that provides a nice overview is in the spring 2007 issue of Liberal Education. The title of the article is Leading Initiatives for Integrative Learning (Huber, Hutchings, Gale, Miller and Breen). This article is online at:

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