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Student Advising
All psychology students are assigned a faculty advisor from the Psychology Department upon declaring the major, and the faculty advisor person will serve as the student’s advisor for the entire period of the student’s matriculation at Morehouse.  Occasionally, an advisor may be on sabbatical, or be, for some other reason, unable to advise you in a particular semester or for a particular year. On those occasions, a temporary advisor will be assigned to the student prior at the end of the semester prior to the change in advisors. Students should check with the Administrative Assistant of the Psychology Department to locate their advisors.

Advisor-Student Chats

Faculty advisors look forward to meeting their advisees every semester to hear about successes and challenges, and students should take the opportunity provided by your advisors’ office hours to seek them out, find out about their interests, and find out what they might have to teach you outside of class period. Your advisor expects to see you every semester, but it is your responsibility to find him or her and settle on a good time for a chat. In addition, early in the fall semester, a Psychology Department Advising Meeting is held, which is mandatory for all Psychology majors. This meeting is an opportunity for the faculty of the Psychology Department to inform students about their own on-going research projects, upcoming scholarship and internship opportunities, changes in the curriculum requirements, and other information that is important for Psychology majors to know.

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