Department of Political Science

Special Programs 

Pre-Law Program
The Department of Political Science is responsible for the College's pre-law program.. Students who intend to pursue law degrees are encouraged to take the following cognate courses:

BUS 225 Legal Environment of Business
PHI 202 Critical Thinking
ENG 265 Advanced Composition

International Studies Program
The International Studies Program at Morehouse offers an interdisciplinary major designed to meet the growing demand for skills in the analysis and solution of contemporary world problems, including the special need to prepare African-Americans for career opportunities and service in International Affairs. The program includes pre-professional training for individuals interested in careers in government (national, state and local) business law, and journalism as well as careers as translators, interpreters, and literary critics. This undergraduate program also includes preparation for graduate and professional studies.

Although the students of International Studies have usually come from the traditional discipline of political science, a growing number of students from other disciplines are becoming interested in the greater world in which we live - the economic, social and cultural forces in the international community which shape our lives, and the important issue of peaceful coexistence. In response to this trend, the program permits students majoring in International Studies to emphasize either political science, sociology, economics, the humanities or natural sciences.

In order to major in International studies, the student must complete 39 core hours including ECO 201, SOC 202 or ENG 354, one course in History of a region of the world, two Advanced Foreign Language courses, PSC 285, PSC 479 or PSC 363 (Spelman, American Foreign Policy), PSC 480 or PSC 385, PSC 484, PSC 228, PSC 487 or ECO 202, PSC 291 or PSC 475 or PSC 477 and ISP 499.

Students will also choose 6 hours of electives (including internship, and 15 hours in a disciplinary concentration - Business and Economics, Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences.

In consultation with the program director, a student majoring in International Studies will select 21 hours of electives to design a concentration that reflects his individual interest and needs. It is advisable for students in the program to study abroad.

Please refer to the Morehouse Catalog to see Major Core Course requirements.

Urban Studies Program
The goals of the program are: (1) to prepare graduates for entry-level professional positions as planners, managers, and program research specialists in government, business, and not-for profit organizations; and (2) to prepare interested student for acceptance and competent performance in graduate and professional schools. Students completing the curriculum should be able to go directly into graduate programs in planning, management, and policy analysis without having to take qualifying courses. The program is multidisciplinary in nature, and draws together skills and approaches of the various social sciences departments, and other disciplines in order to help students understand urban phenomena in its local, national, and global manifestations.

The major sequence in Urban Studies is made up of core curriculum, designed to introduce students to the field and prepare them for advanced work, and two concentrations, Urban Planning and Urban Management, designed to provide students with knowledge and competencies specific to each concentration.

Please refer to the Morehouse Catalog to see Major and Minor Core Course requirements.