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Dr. Oumar Ba


Dr. Oumar Ba
Assistant Professor of Political Science

Oumar Ba is an Assistant Professor in the department of political science. His research focuses on the politics of international justice. His main interests also include Global South in/and IR and postcolonial legal theory. Dr. Ba is also a Contributing Editor to Africa Is A Country.


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PhD in Political Science, University of Florida 2016;
MA in Political Science, University of Florida 2014;
MA in Political Science, Ohio University 2011;
MA in African Studies, Ohio University 2011;
BA in International Studies, The Ohio State Universit, 2009;
BA in Geography, Universite Cheikh Anta Diop 1999

Selected Publications

Ba, Oumar. 2017. International Justice and the Postcolonial Condition. Africa Today, 63(4): 45-62.

Ba, Oumar. 2017. Dislocated Narratives and Kenyan Life Fragments: Political Violence, Nationhood, and Justice in Flux. Journal of Narrative Politics, 3(2): 108-119.

Ba, Oumar. 2017. Agents of Change: How International Courts Alter International Politics. Review of “Karen J. Alter. (2014). The New Terrain of International Law: Courts, Politics, Rights. Princeton University Press. International Studies Review.

Ba, Oumar. 2015. The Court is the Political Arena: Performance and Political Narratives at the International Criminal Court. African Journal of International Criminal Justice, 1(2): 174-189.

Ba, Oumar; Eizenga, Daniel. 2015. Mobilizing for Elections: The Burkinabe Context." APSA Africa Workshops Newsletter, Vol. 3 (1), November 2015


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