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Dr. Matthew B. Platt

Matthew Platt, Political Science faculty

Dr. Matthew B. Platt
Associate Professor



Matthew B. Platt teaches courses in American politics. His research is broadly about the policy consequences of political activity. Currently, that interest is taking the form of a series of books tentatively titled, “A Mess of Pottage.” This research is focused around the idea that a narrow form of black political empowerment has undermined efforts at achieving a more comprehensive form of black liberation. Most importantly, Platt is the third of six sons, a father, a husband, and a Morehouse Man. 


PhD in Political Science, University of Rochester 2008;
MA in Political Science, University of Rochester 2006;
BA in Political Science, Morehouse College 2003

Selected Publications:

2017. "The Paradox of Ambition." Political Research Quarterly 70 (2): 269-278.

2015"An Examination of Black Representation and the Legacy of the Voting Rights Act." Phylon 52 (2).

2015. "Innovation, Inevitability, and Credibility: Tracking the Origins of Black Civil Rights Issues." National Political Science Review 17 (1).

Platt, Matthew B. and Manu O. Platt. 2013. “From GRID to Gridlock: the Relationship between Scientific Biomedical Breakthroughs and HIV/AIDS Policy in the U.S. Congress” Journal of the International AIDS Society 16: 18446.

2008. “Participation for What? A Policy-Motivated Approach to Political Activism” Political Behavior 30: 391-413.

Replication Data:

Data for "Paradox of Ambition."

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