Advising in Political Science

We understand that good advising is crucial to students' success at Morehouse College. The purpose of this page is to help bolster the advisement process. Here you can find the most up to date list of the degree requirements for political science majors and a description of the degree requirements for international studies. Since many students in our department participate in internships throughout the academic school year and/or in the summer, there is also a page dedicated to help students earn course credit for their internships

We have found that advising is most successful when students are invested in their own progress. Simply going to your adviser and asking "What should I take?" is not as helpful as coming to your adviser with a specific plan of courses that match up with your educational and career goals. In order to help students exhibit this kind of agency we have developed a graduation checklist. This tool is a brief survey that goes through all of the requirements for graduation as a political science or international studies major. Students are strongly encouraged to use the graduation checklist tool in order to begin taking charge of their own education and success. The goal is for each student to be aware of their own progress towards becoming Morehouse Men.  

Advising FAQ

1. Who is my adviser?

Students are assigned to an adviser when they declare as political science majors. If you do not know who your adviser is, then click on this link and enter you M#. Failing that, you could email Ms. Genese Brooks, or stop by Wheeler 321 and ask her in person. Option number three is to email Professor Platt.

2. How do I join the illustrious ranks of political science majors/minors?

You need to follow two easy steps:

  1. Click on this link to the Major/Minor declaration form.
  2. Complete the form.

3. What are the requirements for a political science major?

Go here.

4. What are the requirements for General Education at Morehouse?

Go here if you entered Morehouse before 2018.

5. How do I get course credit for an internship?

Go here.

6. Does an internship count as one of my four upper level political science electives?

No, internships do not fulfill any requirements of the political science major. They are just credits that count toward the 120 needed for graduation.

7. Does the Moot Court class count as one of my four upper level political science electives?

It depends. PSC 351 Introduction to Moot Court does count as an upper level political science elective. PSC 354 Moot Court Skills Practicum does not count as an upper level political science elective.