Department of Political Science

Dr. Andrew Douglas

Dr. Andrew Douglas
Assistant Professor of Political Science

Andrew Douglas is a political theorist specializing in the history of modern political thought.  His first book, In the Spirit of Critique: Thinking Politically in the Dialectical Tradition (SUNY, 2013), offers a new perspective on the political significance of the Hegelian dialectical legacy.  A second book-length project, currently in preparation, draws primarily on the works of W.E.B. Du Bois, C.L.R. James, and Walter Rodney, and is concerned broadly with the development of twentieth-century Africana political thought.  Douglas is the director of the political science honors society and an advisor to numerous student organizations.  He is also a co-founder of SOPHIA, an Atlanta-area political theory colloquium.

Ph.D., in Government, University of Virginia (2008
M.A., in Government, University of Virginia (2005)
B.A., in Rhetoric and Political Science, University of California, Berkeley (2002)

Selected Publications
In the Spirit of Critique: Thinking Politically in the Dialectical Tradition (State University of New York Press, 2013)

“C.L.R. James and the Struggle for Humanism,” Constellations 20, 1 (Winter 2013), 85-101

“In a Milieu of Scarcity: Sartre and the Limits of Political Imagination,” Contemporary Political Theory 10, 3 (August 2011), 354-371 (Joint winner of the Contemporary Political Theory Annual Prize)

“Democratic Darkness and Adorno’s Redemptive Criticism,” Philosophy & Social Criticism 36, 7 (September 2010), 819-836

 “Democratizing Dialectics with C.L.R. James,” The Review of Politics 70, 3 (Summer 2008), 420-441

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