Department of Philosophy & Religion

Academic Program Director: Harold V. Bennett
Location: Sale Hall
Office:  470-639-0230
Fax: 404-507-8676

Mission & Objectives
Courses in philosophy and religion seek to provide the student with a firm base in these two academic disciplines and a means for self-examination and self-orientation. The objective of this department is to prepare students for graduate or professional study in the fields of philosophy and religious studies and to enable them to satisfy the College requirements in the general education program.

Requirements for a Major or Minor in Philosophy or Religion are here

The work in philosophy aims to develop a critical and analytical approach to all the major areas of human inquiry. For more information on philosophy as a major, see and and contact the instructors in philosophy.

For questions about the Philosophy program or to share opportunities with Philosophy students and faculty, please contact Professors Nathan Nobis and Kipton Jensen

The work in religion aims to describe, analyze and evaluate the role of religion in the life of humans since earliest times and how the religious quest contributes toward human growth and fulfillment. For more information on religion as a major, see and The Top Five Reasons to Study Religion and contact the instructors in religion. 

For questions about the Religion program or to share opportunities with Religion students and faculty, please contact Professors Harold BennettAaron Parker and Lawrence Carter

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