Prospective Midshipmen

Life of a Midshipman 

It was said that, being a Midshipman means you do more work by 10am(1000hrs) than most people do in a normal day. Expect early mornings and late evenings as you prepare yourself both physically and mentally for the rigors of military and academia. More will be expected of you than the average student. Simply placing on the uniform will set a higher moral, academic and ethical standard the general community at large.


Physical Fitness

Your body is the foundation for all of your life's experiences. Cracks in your health will decrease your ability to perform. Good eating habits can affect your ability to study along with your ability accomplish the mission. You will be expected to workout a minimum of 3 times per week, developing both your cadiovascular health and strengthening your muscles to handle the challenges of your day-to-day demand. Managing your time and getting proper rest will be critical to your success.

In addition, as a force that operates primarily on water, it is expected that you will be able to complete basic water survival skills. You will be tested in your ability to meet the Navy's minimum requirements for water survival.


Unit Operation

Regardless of standing, Scholarship students and College Programmers participate in all ROTC functions throughout each semester.

Drill is held twice a week and it is here where midshipmen begin to develop their knowledge of being a Naval Officer. Drill periods can cover Close Order Drill, general military training, personal finance, and briefs on midshipmen experiences and much more.


Midshipman Billets

Developing leaders is one of the core missions of the NROTC program. During their time with the battalion, each midshipman will hold certain billets or jobs to help encourage good leadership for entering the fleet as an officer. These jobs range from managing supplies to developing the battalion's operational plan to documenting and publishing the battalions events. As a whole, the battalion will be led by a midshipman Commanding Officer and it is within the unit divisions that the experience with rank structure and one-on-one leadership is developed.


Contact a Unit Officer

If you would like to get in contact with an officer from the Morehouse NROTC unit to schedule a meeting or officer interview for the scholarship application, please fill out this form.




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