Public Health Sciences

Students choosing to pursue the minor are required to complete a 12 credit hour core curriculum consisting of BIO 240 Introduction to Public Health Science, BIO 330 Introduction to Epidemiology, BIO 340 Introduction to Biostatistics, BIO 450 Public Health Sciences Seminar and Practicum, and one additional three hour elective course, totaling 15 credit hours. Students may choose courses offered at the different AUC institutions that satisfy the elective requirements. A faculty member in the PHSI must approve all elective courses. An updated list of elective courses is generated each semester to ensure breadth of study and to exercise quality control. In addition, as a result of our interaction with other historically black colleges and universities, courses in public health have been established. The following is a list of courses for the minor in public health.

Public Health Sciences Minor Requirement - 15 Hours
  • HBIO 240 Introduction to Public Health Science
  • HBIO 330 Introduction to Epidemiology
  • HBIO 340 Introduction to Biostatistics
  • HBIO 450 Public Health Sciences Seminar and Practicum
  • One three hour elective course
Electives for Public Health
  • HBIO 450 Public Health Sciences Seminar and Practicum
Science Majors
  • HBIO 314 Environmental Biology
  • CAHP 113 Nutrition
  • HSOC 356 Demography, Ecology, and the Environment
  • CAHP 242 Introduction to Disease
Business Majors
  • CAHP 402 Health Care Managemnt
  • CAHP 313 Health Care Delivery
  • CAHP 437 Health Finance
  • CAHP 439 Quality Assurance-Risk Management
Psychology Majors
  • HPSY 393 Social Psychology
  • HPSY 288 Public Policy and Mental Health
  • CAHP 431 Introduction to Mental Health
  • CHPE 300 Psychological and Mental Health