Minor in Journalism and Sports

The journalism and sports minor is one that every Morehouse student can benefit from, regardless of his major. The minor provides a broad foundation in multimedia journalism. As its founders Spike Lee ’79 and Ralph Wiley desired, it is one of the nation’s few journalism programs that emphasize the pursuit of careers in sports journalism or sports administration on the pro or college level. Even if a student doesn’t want to become a journalist, his writing will become clearer, more concise, and better organized. Those are valuable assets in the professional world, whether someone is writing a legal brief, an enlightening sermon, a compelling marketing brochure, a dramatic ending to an NBA Finals game, or a critical grant proposal for STEM research.


Through our courses, the student will benefit in thefollowing ways:

  • Writing will become clearer, more concise, and better organized
  • Critical thinking, grammar, and punctuation skills will improve
  • Introduction to multimedia platforms and technology

Minor Course of Study Requirements

The four core courses focus on reporting, interviewing, and ethical fundamentals, online writing and social media, sports coverage, and using photography and videography as storytelling tools.

Journalism and Sports Core - 12 hours

The following courses are required:

  • HENG 258 Basic News Writing
  • HENG 368 Advanced News Writing
  • HENG 378 Sports Reporting
  • HENG 388 New Media Technology

Approve Electives - 6 hours

Choose one course from the list below:

  • HENG 410 Internship
  • HKSP 100 History and Principles of Health and Physical Education

Choose one course from the list below:

  • HECO 202 Principles of Microeconomics
  • HENG 487 Special Topics: Movies, Music and Celebrity Journalism
  • HHIS 222 African American History since 1865
  • HKSP 162 Organization and Administration of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Athletics
  • HPHI 302 Introduction to Philosophical Ethics
  • HPSC 477 African Politics
  • HPSC 490 Conflict and Conflict Resolution
  • HPHI 303 Social Psychology
  • HSOC 156 Men in Society