James King, Jr. Institute for Student and Faculty Engagement

Faculty Fellowship Program

Established in 2017, the James King, Jr. Faculty Fellows Program identifies and recognizes faculty that are highly engaged in activities that support the academic development of our students beyond the classroom.  This fellowship program provides funding and opportunities for Morehouse College science and mathematics faculty to ramp up their activities in mentoring students and/or involving undergraduates in research or special projects. 

The goal of the Faculty Fellows program is to grow the culture of extraordinary engagement with our students and to increase the number of faculty actively participating in such engagement.  Awards will typically range from $10,000  to $25,000  per year and recipients must commit to at least 9 months of engagement.  Assistant Professor Jeffrey Handy in the Department of Biology was selected in 2017 as the inaugural James King Jr. Faculty Fellow.  In 2018, two new King Fellows were selected:  Wallace Derricotte, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Shelby Wilson, Assistant Professor of Mathematics.


2018-19 James King, Jr. Faculty Fellows



Biology professor, Jeffrey Handy, was selected as our inaugural fellow in 2017 in recognition of his ongoing exemplar practice in training and mentoring students interested in biomedical careers.  With the fellowship, Dr. Handy standardized this mentorship for a larger number of students and increased his own research capacity. His fellowship was renewed in 2018. 



  Chemistry professor, Wallace D. Derricotte, was selected as a fellow in 2018 in recognition of his implementation of modern computational chemistry techniques into the laboratory curriculum of the college‚Äôs Physical Chemistry courses.  With the fellowship, Dr. Derricotte will supplement these courses with small immersive discovery experiences where students propose novel research questions and utilize their acquired computational skills to investigate them. Students will continuously refine their research questions, perform new studies, and present their data to the class.


Mathematics professor, Shelby Wilson, was selected as a fellow in 2018 in recognition of her meaningful and innovative engagement in preparing students for their next steps after Morehouse.  With the fellowship, Dr. Wilson will design individualized activities for selected senior STEM students headed to graduate school, industry or government.