Theatre and Performance

Theatre and Performance

Theatre and performance is made possible through a partnership between Morehouse and Spelman College. We designed the Theatre and Performance curriculum to challenge theatre arts students and encourage discovery, creativity, and scholarship. It provides the formal preparation necessary for advanced academic or professional study. And it offers students experiences in theatre arts through broad-based exposure to the various aspects of drama while contributing to the cultural enrichment of the Atlanta University Center and the community.

We offer creative and inquisitive candidates an opportunity to explore performance, writing, and design through experimentation and exploration. This interdisciplinary approach to performance offers a unique approach to theatre studies. Our students are encouraged to experiment with text, film, live performance, songs, and site-specific areas to develop and create original stories. Along with the classic theatre texts, our students experience comprehensive, interdisciplinary performance training.

Students create a graduation portfolio that includes self-generated short performance work, complete with design, a short-filmed reel, and a monologue to go forward into graduate school or the industry.

African American cultural forms and best practice methodologies, including an introduction to international approaches to theatre, expose students to contemporary performance practice. Students also critically analyze social activism and politics and how these elements come together to shape and form bold and exciting artists and citizens.


The theatre and performance major will,

  • Articulate in oral and written form, the historical, literary, cultural, and theoretical knowledge of theatre and performance
  • Analyze and evaluate scholarship and performance in theatre
  • Exhibit high-level critical thinking and performance skills and uniquely expressed creativity
  • Use media and technology effectively in performances and presentations
  • Demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively to create thoughtful, well-executed works
Major Course of Study Requirements

The theatre and performance major requires 48 semester hours. Students take 40 semester hours in performance core, eight semester hours in electives, and Division of the Arts: Required Seminars.