The history program is designed to develop within students a broad base of knowledge of world history that enables them to see and understand diverse people in a variety of historical contexts. Particular emphasis is placed on offering courses that facilitate students’ acquisition of knowledge about the history of Black people. The history program prepares students to investigate the human past and hone their skills in analysis and argumentation through the study of primary sources and critical reading of the theoretical debates among historians.

Students have the opportunity to conduct research with faculty as well as independent projects informed by diverse, holistic, and culturally sensitive theories and methodologies. The program pushes students to refine their written and verbal communication skills as well as develop expertise in the use of technology to create digital humanities tools and products. The Morehouse emphasis on character development and leadership is aided by courses on the history of the civil rights and human rights movements.

Our program provides instruction, research, internships, counseling, and extracurricular activities that offer students greater understanding of the world.

The history program prepares students for graduate study and law school as well as for careers in public history, historic preservation, government, the ministry, business, teaching, public advocacy, media commentary, and social analysis.


At the time of graduation, students will meet the following learning outcomes:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of historical methods, critical analysis, and historiographical debates
  • Explain historical change by looking at global forces and cross-cultural encounters
  • Demonstrate core knowledge of historical biography, chronology, and geography
  • Write and speak clearly
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the experience of African Americans and the African diaspora
Major Course of Study Requirements

Students who complete the requirements for the history major will earn a bachelor of arts degree. To major in history, a student must successfully complete 63 semester hours, including HHIS 111-112, HHIS 215-216, HHIS 221-222, HHIS 231-232, HHIS 257-258, HHIS 261 or HHIS 262, HHIS 360, HHIS 373, HHIS 461, and HCOM 253, 350, 351, 352, 354 or 355.

The remaining 18 hours should be taken from among departmentally approved electives. Students may use these elective hours for a minor concentration.