Chinese Studies


We’re the only HBCU in the U.S. to offer both a major and minor in Chinese studies. This program enables Morehouse men to develop proficiency in Mandarin Chinese and expertise in Chinese studies and solidly prepares them for leading roles in political and economic interactions between the United States and China.

The Chinese major requires a total of 10 courses in Chinese language and culture. The minor requires six courses. The cost-effective summer study abroad programs subsidized by scholarships provide ample opportunities for students to immerse themselves in Chinese culture and society. Study abroad is integral to the curriculum in the Chinese studies program.

Students who graduate with a Chinese major/minor work in business, diplomacy, government, education, and many other professional fields. Some Morehouse Chinese majors/minors have become businessmen, intelligence officers, diplomats, journalists, educators, and others. Students with proficiency and expertise in Chinese usually find a job quickly or are accepted into prestigious graduate programs at world-renowned universities.


Students who complete the requirements of a major in Chinese are able to:

  • Attain the intermediate-high level in Chinese speaking, listening and reading, and intermediate level in writing, based on the ACTFL proficiency guidelines
  • Acquire basic critical thinking skills to view issues from non-U.S. perspectives and to engage in cross-cultural and comparative analysis
  • Articulate ideas or write cogently on topics related to China and Chinese culture, using interdisciplinary approaches and sources
  • Argue and discuss various aspects of historical and cultural trends pertaining to China’s diverse and complex past and present
Major Course of Study Requirements

The Chinese major requires a total of 38 credit hours, three of which must be at the 400-level. HCHI 210 and HCHI 331 (taught in English) are required. Specifically, HCHI 201 and HCHI 202; HCHI 301 and HCHI 302; HCHI 303, 304, or HCHI 310; HCHI 401, HCHI 402, and HCHI 440; HCHI 210 and HCHI 331.

The Chinese minor consists of 23 credit hours. The required courses are, HCHI 201 and 202; 301 and 302 or 303; 401, 402 or 440; 210 or 331.