Bachelor of Arts in Art

General Education (Core) — 33-48 hours

Refer to the general education requirements for more information.

Art Major — 50-51 hours
  • SAVC 104A Division of the Arts Freshman Seminar
  • SAVC 122 Digital Foundations
  • SAVC 120 Materials and Concepts I or
  • SAVC 130 Materials and Concepts II
  • SAVC 240A Division of the Arts Sophomore Seminar
  • HART 131 Sculpture I
Art History Electives
  • SAVC 115 Photographic Visions
  • SAVC 280 Innovation, Art, Technology
  • SAVC 115 Contemporary Art Making Strategies
  • SAVC 290 Art Process and Practice
  • SAVC 303 Installation Art
  • SAVC 307 Creative Careers
  • SAVC 492 Portfolio Criticism I
  • SAVC 492A Portfolio Criticism II
  • One art elective

*Internships are a required part of the art major.

Art Minor - 18 hours

The art minor is designed to provide non-art majors the opportunity to express their personal interest in art courses. This option gives students limited practical experiences and at the same time reinforces a possible continuing interest in the visual arts. The art minor requires five core courses, plus two art elective courses

Five required courses for the art studio seminar:

  • HART 110 Understanding the Visual Arts (or approved art history alternative)
  • HART 111 Basic Drawing
  • HART 113 Basic Design
  • HART 121 Painting I
  • HART 131 Sculpture I

Additionally, two art electives are required.