General Education

Breadth Requirement and Major Overlaps

To ensure that students meet the breadth requirement of the general education program, students must take courses from different departments, programs, and disciplines. Students will be required to adhere to all rules and guidelines.

  • Students must take a total of seven courses in the thematic areas of arts, literature, and ideas.
  • Students may take ethics, society, culture, and scientific discovery from at least six different disciplines.
  • A course may overlap two thematic areas. However, students can get credit for only one thematic area for each course.
  • A course taken to fulfill a general education requirement may also meet a requirement for the major.
Additional Major Requirements

Departments and programs may require their majors to take courses outside of the discipline. This is independent of general education requirements, and students must rely upon their major requirements for guidance.

In the end, students receive a well-rounded liberal arts education by taking courses in:

  • One of two language programs, e.g., modern foreign languages or Chinese studies
  • English through the writing program
  • Mathematics or, in some cases, a statistics course authorized by the mathematics program
  • Two of five science programs, e.g., biology, chemistry, computer science, physics, and psychology
  • One of three arts and humanities programs, e.g., music, art, and English
  • Two programs, most likely in social sciences, covering society and culture
  • Two programs, most likely in philosophy and religion, covering ideas and ethics