Resource Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment in General Education

Ways to Achieve Goals 

Faculty Development:

  • Performance Criteria for Learning Outcomes Workshops 

        (December, January, and June)

  • Writing Lesson Plans Workshops (December, January, June)
  • Embedding Critical Reading/Critical Thinking Workshops  (May/November)
  • Annual Critical Thinking Academy, Foundations and Center for Critical Thinking in Berkeley, CA (July)
  • International Critical Thinking Academy, England, U.K. (every two years)
  • New Directions in the Humanities Conference (international) (July/August)
  • Student-Centered Coaching and Modeling (July/August; December/January)


Faculty Conference Presentations:

  • “Introducing, Integrating, & Assessing Critical Thinking Across the Core Curriculum and Across Disciplines” at the New Directions in the Humanities Conference in Paris, France, 2007   (
  • “Blurring Disciplinary Boundaries” at the Third Interdisciplinary Conference on Social Sciences in Prato, Italy, 2008 ( )


Student Profiles for Student Interventions:

  • ETS’ Measurement of Academic Performance and Proficiencies Test (August)
  • Noel Levitz’s Student Retention Management System (College Student Inventory)  (August)
  • Millon Counseling Inventory (August)


ONGOING Assessment Workshops:
         Writing Goals and Outcomes
         Aligning Learning Outcomes, Courses, and Assessment
          Creating Rubrics
         Writing Interdisciplinary Outcomes
         Culminating Capstone Course Measurements
         Item Design Training for Multiple Choice Exams
         Item Review Training for Multiple Choice Exams
         Value-added Measurements
         Embedding Critical Thinking Across Disciplines

Technological Support (see bound inventory of equipment)
Research Aids (see bound inventory of books, workbooks, videos, and charts)

Teaching Aids (see bound inventory of books, workbooks, videos, and charts)

Webinar Series (see bound inventory for Publisher’s website addresses)

Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Bibliography (see bound inventory)

  Assessment (AAC&U)
  The Chronicle of Higher Education
  Civic Engagement (AAC&U)
  College Language Association Journal
  Education Week
  Diversity (AAC&U)
  General Education (AAC&U)
  Global Learning (AAC&U)
  Journal of General Education (PSU)
  Liberal Education (AAC&U)
  The Newsletter of the Association of General and Liberal Studies (Ball State U)
  Peer Review (AAC&U)
  The Wall Street Journal


The Handbook of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment, Summer, 2007
(in revision)

Table of Contents

  • History of General Education at Morehouse College
  • Performance Criteria for Course/Syllabi Preparations:
    Freshman Orientation
    Health and Physical Education
    English Composition/ English Composition Lab
    Research Writing/ Research Writing Lab
    College Math/College Math Lab
    Finite Math/Finite Math Lab
    PreCalculus/PreCalculus Lab
    Modern Foreign Languages (Spanish and French)
    African American History Within the Diaspora
    Speech Professional Communications
    Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
    Literary Perspectives on the Americas
    Major Authors: Crime and Punishment
    Images: Literature and Film
    Men in Society
    Spirituality, Ethics, and Leadership
    Leadership and Civic Engagement
    Nobel Laureate: Diversity, Discipline and Leadership

The Course Syllabi and Lesson Plan:  Some Models
         Student-Centered Education Theory
         Learning Styles Theory
         Socratic Questioning

Classroom Assessment Tools:
         Course Action Forms
         Quick Review Form in English and Critical Thinking
         Quick Review Form in Math
         Student Feedback Questionnaire (course level)                 
         Video-based peer mentoring

Measuring and Evaluating Student Achievement
         Oral questions
         Written exams
         Demonstration Projects
         Student Feedback Questionnaire (program level)