Resource Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment in General Education


The primary mission of Morehouse College is to prepare men for leadership and service.  Both curricular and co-curricular programs are employed to achieve this mission.  The curricular programs---both the general education curriculum and the major concentrations---have the goal of empowering students by fostering high expectations and habits for independent and progressive learning.  The Resource Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment in General Education aids teachers and students in the achievement of independent and progressive learning by providing forums and workshops on pedagogy and assessment strategies and practices; cutting-edge technology; electronic equipment; travel and research; and subscriptions.


  • Enhance pedagogical shifts from teacher-centered paradigms to student-centered paradigms in the classroom
  • Promote current instructional methodologies, strategies and practices in teaching and learning
  • Promote faculty development via workshops, conferences, institutes, modeling, webinars, and subscriptions
  • Increase cutting-edge technology in the classroom and in tutorials
  • Increase faculty publications
  • Increase grant writing for instructional purposes
  • Promote interdisciplinary courses in the core
  • Account for teaching and learning, using valid, reliable, and fair assessment tools
  • Promote cognitive skills and behavioral skills interventions for student success in general education and in the major
  • Maintain a model of student development in the core that demonstrates depth and breadth
  • Maintain The Handbook of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment for faculty