Morehouse English Multimedia Writing Skills Center

Most often referred to as the Writing Skills Lab, the name under which it was founded in 1990, the name was expanded to the English Multimedia Writing Skills Lab in 2007 (English Multimedia Writing Skills Lab as of 2018) to reflect the innovation of academic computing and technology for teaching and learning Composition. Over the past two decades, the writing lab has served the general student population by providing services that foster the most important professional skill for productivity in our global society: the ability to communicate clearly and effectively through writing.

The Writing Skills Lab provides tutoring services to Morehouse students regardless of classification or major. Writing tutors work one-on-one with students to help them improve their writing. Tutors approach writing holistically, explaining and encouraging students’ understanding of grammar and mechanics as well as content and rhetorical approach of their writing. Tutors do not edit or write papers for the students; rather, they approach tutoring as an opportunity for students to expand their skills. All tutors are hired based on their strong skills in English and their ability to communicate well with their peers.

The Writing Center is designed to assist Morehouse students in improving their writing skills through tutoring, online sessions, and on-site workshops. Our dedicated tutors are trained in composition, grammar, and digital media and can be seen via appointment or through our online chat sessions.The writing lab has 34 available Mac desktops as well as 10 wired laptop stations.

Staff Information
Dr. Nathaniel Norment, Director
Ms. Pamela Heath, Manager
2018-2019 Tutors
Artimus Cunningham
Keith Freeman
Mario Stephens
Xavier Milton
Location and Hours of Operation
English Multimedia Writing Skills Lab
Benjamin H. Brawley Hall, room 200
Main Phone: 404-653-7800
Fax: 404-653-7801

Services and Resources


  • Peer-to-Peer Tutor Sessions
  • Group Tutorials (for specific assignments, scheduled by instructors)
  • Public Workshops
  • Online Chat Sessions/Workshops (perhaps a later addition)
  • Computer-based Learning Modules (personal study)
  • Digital Classroom for instructional purposes

* For assistance with writing assignments, click schedule appointment to register an account and schedule a 30-minute appointment with a writing tutor.


  • 25 Macs for Instructional Use
  • 10 Macs for Academic Use
  • 2 Printers (limit printing to 10 pages a day)
  • Internet Access
  • Smart Board 
  • Grammar Tutorial Software

In order to utilize the lab, you must present a Morehouse picture ID and provide your major and reason for using the lab to the front desk assistant. If you are seeking tutoring for a specific assignment, please use the lab (and our resources) well before the assignment due date. We are not able to provide same day assistance.


Location and Hours of Operation

English Multimedia Writing Skills Lab
Benjamin H. Brawley Hall, room 200
Main Phone: 404-653-7800
Fax: 404-653-7801
9:00AM – 5:00PM
Closed Saturdays and Sundays


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment with a Writing Tutor?
To make an appointment, visit to register an account. After you’ve registered, you may sign up with any tutor on a day and at a time that best suits your schedule. Once you select a day and time, you will be prompted to fill out an appointment form that requests course, instructor, and assignment information. All tutoring sessions last thirty minutes.
How should I prepare for a tutoring session?
Please bring a copy of the assignment prompt, if one was given to you, as well as a printed draft of your paper, if you are seeking help during either the Composing or Revising parts of the writing process. Also, for the sake of efficiency during a session, it is helpful to come knowing what specific writing help you need. For example, if you know you have issues with paragraph unity or coherence, you would note this on the appointment form and reiterate at the start of your session. However, if you do not know the exact help you need, no worries, for our tutors are highly skilled at helping tutees identify both strengths and areas of improvement.
How much time will a tutor spend working with me? 
That depends. On average, students work with tutors in 30 minute blocks, but if you need additional help more sessions can be arranged with your tutor.
I have no idea how to formulate a strong thesis sentence. What can I do?
The most important thing is to get some face time with the writing lab tutors. Barring that, check out this thesis checklist on the UNC Writing Center website. Consider what you understand about the topic and determine in what ways you understand the topic differently than other people. What is it that YOU see?
I have issues with my grammar, but I don’t know where to begin to correct this. Tips? Tricks?
Start with zeroing in on your major technical problems. Commas? Fragments? Run-ons? Try taking the Grammar Bytes grammar assessment test. Enter the site and register for the Grammar Bytes! MOOC. (It’s completely free.) Select “Self-Enroll in this course” and then “I need a CourseSites account”. Once you’ve entered your credentials, you will be prompted to take the Grammar Bytes! pre-test.

Completing the short pre-test will help you zero in on what particular issues you may have with grammar. From there, you can review handouts, complete grammar activities, and polish your grammar at your own pace.

In the short future, we will offer mini workshops in the lab--hosted by our tutors--on popular grammar issues. Check back with us soon!

My major writing issues isn’t grammar--it’s organization. What can I do to remedy this?
Organization is a tricky beast. Consider the paper style. Is it analytical or argumentative? What is the purpose of the paper? Focus on one central idea--your claim--and allow it to lead the paper. You will need a strong introduction followed by any important background or historical information. After your background information, address all evidence to substantiate your thesis and wrap up with a strong conclusion.
My professor insisted that I seek tutoring in the lab as part of my overall class grade. Will you provide a letter or other proof, so I can receive credit?
Yes. After each session, the tutor will complete a client report form, documenting what difficulties the tutee experienced, what progress he/she displayed, and what recommendations were made for student progress. A copy of this report form can be sent via email to both tutee and professor, upon request. 
I would like my entire class to come into the lab and receive tutoring for their final paper. Should I send them to the lab during our normal class time?
We would love to meet with your class, but sending all of your students to the lab at once can overwhelm our small staff. We would be happy to host a mini workshop for the class or perhaps have them set up appointments over the course of a week in a way that will not disrupt your schedule or the students’. Contact us for more details.