Degree Map: Your Four Year Plan

Year 1: 0-29 hrs            Year 2: 30-59 hrs             Year 3: 60-89 hrs                 Year 4: 90+ hrs

Freshman➩                           Sophomore➩                             Junior➩                                          Senior

Students need 120 hours to graduate from Morehouse College. It is recommended that every student build a four-year plan that maps out all standard curriculum, major and minor requirements. Beginning Fall 2017, these plans will be available through Degree Map, a powerful course planning application that helps students explore course pathways towards degree completion.

Degree Map provides timely information to students and limits the overwhelming choices of courses prior to registration. In addition to providing a structured pathway, Degree Map allows academic advisors to provide student-specific notes regarding courses, sequences, and recommendations for each semester. The student and the advisor can see what was advised previously and make appropriate changes quickly based on changing circumstances and the availability of courses.

Overview FAQ

  • What is Degree Map?

Degree Map is an important planning application that gives students and advisors the tools to make informed decisions to guide students in meaningful conversations about their individual degree plan, explore potential paths to graduation, and to understand the implications (including time and money) of their course selection decisions. It is available 24/7 for your convenience.

  • Can I use Degree Map to track my degree progress?

Absolutely! You can see a detailed view of your progress towards your specific degree plan and requirements. You can use filters to display courses based on remaining, registered, or completed course status. You will also be able to view any holds that need your immediate attention, and receive notifications about important deadlines pertaining to registration or graduation.

  • Where can I find Degree Map?

Degree Map is found in MyPortal. Simply log in to and click on the Degree Map icon.

  • Do I have to use Degree Map during Advising Week?

No, Degree Map is available for faculty and students as a resource. Usage is not required but strongly encouraged.

  • Who can I talk to about my degree progress and academic plan?

Divisional Advisors can assist students with using Degree Map to plan their academic program and schedule courses. Additionally, Faculty Advisors and Career Services staff are available to mentor students about their chosen degree program and progress. 

  • Who should I talk to if the information in Degree Map is inaccurate?

Freshmen and incoming transfer students should see their Divisional Advisor. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors should see their Faculty Advisor. Seniors should be sure to bring their transcript to identify discrepancies.

  • Can students register for classes through Degree Map?

No. Students must use TigerNet to register for their classes until further notice.

  • Is there additional information available?     

Yes. There are online resources for students and academic advisors.