Chinese Major

The Chinese Major offered by the Morehouse Chinese Studies Department is designed to equip students with the linguistic prowess and cultural knowledge to enter an array of international professions. With Chinese-American relations reaching an all-time high, the ability to seamlessly weave between both cultural spheres has become increasingly lucrative. With a conversational approach to cultivating students' lexicons and year-round study-abroad opportunities, students who complete a Chinese Major are given the tools to thrive in professions ranging from business to policy, stateside or across the map.

To be considered for the Chinese Major or Minor you must meet all requirements including the general education requirements.

A student must take (in addition to all general education courses) 8 required language courses, 2 culture courses, and 2 electives from a designated list. A student must earn a “C” or higher in all required major courses.  The required Major courses are listed below:

Language Courses:

CHI 101, CHI 102, CHI 201, CHI 202, CHI 301, CHI 302, CHI 401, CHI 402

Culture Courses:

CHI 210, CHI 331


CHI 333, CHI 440, CHI 44X

A suggested course sequence showing all required courses can be found here.