Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry offers two degree programs: the Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry and a dual degree consisting of the Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry and the Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree.

Academic Requirements
Completion of required major courses with no grade less than C is required for graduation as a chemistry major in the following degree programs. Also, any chemistry major satisfying any one of these degree programs may be recommended for departmental honors by completing the following requirements: eligibility for college honors, an average of B or above in all required major courses and electives, and participation with high-level performance in the departmental seminar as well as undergraduate research. Chemistry majors will satisfy the College requirement for speech by taking Professional Communication (ENG 351) from the English department.

Major Requirements: General Chemistry I Chemistry 111 / 111L
(required) General Chemistry II Chemistry 112 / 112L
  Analytical Chemistry Chemistry 211 / 211L
  Organic Chemistry I Chemistry 231 / 231L
  Organic Chemistry II Chemistry 232 / 232L
  Physical Chemistry I Chemistry 321 / 321L
  Physical Chemistry II Chemistry 322 / 322L
  Biological Chemistry Chemistry 326 / 326L
  Inorganic Chemistry Chemistry 421 / 421L
Electives: Introduction to Polymer Chemistry Chemistry 327
(any one) Chemical Instrumentation Chemistry 422
  Advanced Physical Chemistry Chemistry 423 / 424
  Introduction to Space Science Chemistry 437 / 322L
  Advanced Organic Chemistry Chemistry 471 / 472
Cognate Courses: Calculus I Math 161
(required) Calculus II Math 162
  Linear Algebra Math 271
  Mechanics Physics 154
  Electricity & Magnetism Physics 253
(any one) General Biology Biology 111
  Comprehensive Biology Biology 113
Cognate Electives: Theory of Sets Math 255
(any two) Calculus III Math 263
  Ordinary Differential Equations Math 321
  Optics & Modern Physics Physics 254
  Cell Biology Biology 215

Beginning with Fall 2018, students must also complete all major requirements listed above as well as those of the Morehouse College General Education program. For specific details, current students should consult the course catalog (under “Requirements for Graduation”) corresponding to their year of first matriculation.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry and
Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree

It is possible for students enrolled in dual-degree engineering to earn a joint B.S. in Chemistry and a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree. The departmental requirements for this dual-degree program are the courses CHE 111/111L, 112/112L, 211, 231-232, 321/321L, 322/322L, 326, 421, and one additional 400-level chemical engineering course offered at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Auburn University, Boston University, or Rochester Institute of Technology, plus the mathematics and physics courses required under the B.S. in chemistry program. It is understood that the student must meet all other requirements of the engineering college as well as the requirements of the dual-degree program.