HMURS -- A History

The first Herty Medalist Undergraduate Research Symposium was held on September 15th, 2006 at Morehouse College. It was an outgrowth of new initiatives undertaken by the Herty Medal Committee of the ACS-GLS and headed by its chair, Prof. Rigoberto Hernandez, and championed by the ACS-GLS executive board. The first symposium was co-organized by Dr. Rigoberto Hernandez, Dr. John Hall, and Dr. Cameron Tyson. While it was initially hoped that the venue would move through various undergraduate colleges in the Atlanta area, Morehouse College has been proud to host HMURS since its inception in 2006. Please contact the chair of the ACS-GLS Herty Medal Committee if you are interested in hosting future HMURS events!

DateEvent InformationDateEvent Information
08-SEP-2017 2017 Program 16-SEP-2016 2016 Program
19-SEP-2015 2015 Program 05-SEP-2014 2014 Program
20-SEP-2013 2013 Program 14-SEP-2012 2012 Program
16-SEP-2011 2011 Program 17-SEP-2010 2010 Program
18-SEP-2009 2009 Program 28-MAR-2008 2008 Program
30-MAR-2007 2007 Program 15-SEP-2006 2006 Program