The Herty Medalist Undergraduate Research Symposium (HMURS) was initiated in 2006 by the Georgia Local Section (GLS) of the American Chemical Society (ACS) to promote undergraduate chemical research in the Metro Atlanta Area. In particular, the Herty Medal Committee, and its Chair, Dr. Rigoberto Hernandez, were instrumental in both founding and implementing this initiative. In Fall 2006, the ACS Division of Local Sections awarded the GLS an Innovative Projects Grant to help support this initiative, particularly helpful as the 2006 and 2007 HMURS events were held in the same academic year. In 2009, the event was part of the 75th Herty Medal Celebration and featured the culmination of a two-day event with a wide array of impacts. We had nearly 60 posters and over 100 participants at the 75th Herty Symposium and nearly 80 participants at the Herty Banquet. As well, over 400 high school students from over seven Atlanta-area school districts attended the Future Medalists Symposia at four sites. To round this out, nearly 30 posters were presented at the Herty Medalist Undergraduate Symposium (HMURS) that year. This symposium features the annual Herty Medalist as well as other local speakers who share their research and experience to inspire and instruct undergraduates interested in pursuing academic or industrial careers in chemistry or chemical research.

To facilitate the mission of promoting undergraduate chemical research in the Atlanta Area, the ACS-GLS hopes to host the symposium in a rotation among the Atlanta Area colleges and Universities. We are delighted that the Department of Chemistry at Morehouse College has hosted the symposium to date, but we welcome invitations from all area colleges and universities. Please contact any one of the Officers of the ACS-GLS for more information about hosting a symposium.

In addition to guest and medalist lectures, the symposium serves as a venue for undergraduates from local colleges and universities to present their research (as a poster) in chemistry and the related sciences. Abstract submissions dates are announced each summer as the fall academic term begins.