Andrew Young Center for Global Leadership

The Institute for Research, Civic Engagement, and Policy

With a primary mission to bring together individuals and groups to study and develop solutions to complex social problems, this institute will lead investigation and problem-solving by the Andrew Young Center of Global Leadership.

The institute creates opportunities to investigate the historical and contemporary economic, geopolitical, sociocultural, and other contextual factors relevant to the lives of people of African descent and other historically marginalized groups.

It creates opportunities for faculty members, administrators, students, and external partners to establish and work within culturally inclusive spaces to:

1) Develop and refine the curricula of the Morehouse General Education Program, majors, and minors, and

2) Generate policy recommendations and innovative solutions to complex global problems.

Annual Fellowships

The Institute offers annual fellowships to Morehouse faculty whose research addresses the concerns of marginalized people, particularly people of African descent. Our faculty fellows are established or emerging leaders in their disciplines and also engage with communities at Morehouse and beyond. The Institute also partners with other organizations such as the Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics to offer research seminars and training that integrates computational sciences with social justice concerns.

Civic Engagement and Internships

We have partnered with local and national non-profit organizations to offer student internships. Through academic year and summer opportunities, students learn from practitioners on how to collaborate with and advocate for marginalized communities. In spring 2021, students are interning with Gideon’s Promise and the Center for Policing Equity.