The Marketing concentration in the Morehouse Business Administration program is designed to educate students about the world of marketing and sales through coursework and experiential opportunities. The concentration requires 15 hours of marketing courses (5 courses) beyond the business and general education core requirements. Marketing concentration students participate in experiential research projects in their Marketing Research class; they participate in national marketing competitions in their Principles of Marketing class (and have won in the past such competitions as the Pearson Red competition); and they visit businesses to analyze their marketing/management processes and suggest changes to make the businesses better in their Buyer Behavior class.

Marketing students have the opportunity to join the Morehouse Marketing Association (MMA) to learn leadership skills and participate in additional experiential opportunities. Members plan programs for the membership that consist of speakers on a variety of topics; trips to marketing companies and participation in the annual student-planned Marketing Conclave. The MMA also provides members information on upcoming internship and fulltime job opportunities; current scholarship information; and help with job preparation skills (interview preparation, dressing for success, resume writing, LinkedIn profiles, etc.). Professors are constantly developing additional experiential learning activities for all of the marketing courses.  

Students of the Morehouse Marketing Program have found employment in Brand Management (Procter and Gamble), Retail (Macy’s), Technology (Facebook, Google, IBM, and Oracle), Sales (3M and State Farm), Advertising (Wieden + Kennedy), and more.

To earn a concentration in Marketing, a student must take (in addition to all of the other business and general education requirements) 3 required courses and 2 electives courses from a designated list. A student must earn a “C” or higher in all five courses.  The three required courses are BA 461 Buyer Behavior, BA 462 Marketing Research, and BA 463 Marketing Management.  The list of designated elective courses from which a student must pass two courses is shown below:

BA 453 Entrepreneurship
BA 464 Principles of Professional Selling
BA 466 Special Topics in Marketing
BA 467 Strategic Brand Management
BA 468 Principles of Advertising
PSY 303 Social Psychology

A suggested course sequence showing all required courses can be found here.

Marketing Director
Cassandra Wells, Ph.D.
Director and Associate Professor
Massey Leadership Center 128