The Management concentration in the Morehouse Business Administration program is designed to provide students with a strong general foundation for the business community. Management students often choose to follow the paths of human resources, operations, or entrepreneurship. The concentration requires 15 hours of management courses (5 courses) beyond the business and general education core requirements. Only one course is required and students are given the option to choose four electives from a list of designated electives. The large number of electives represents the generalist approach of the concentration.

Management students have the opportunity to join the Morehouse Management Group (MMG), a component of the Morehouse Business Association, to participate in experiential activities and to interact with professionals. The MMG is structured to provide students with information about varying careers, including entrepreneurship, sports, entertainment, and HR. Once a year, the MMG hosts a major speaker on campus to speak about leadership. Past speakers have included Jim Caldwell, NFL Coach, and Lt. General Jeffrey Talley, past Commanding General of the US Army Reserve.

Morehouse Management students have found employment with multiple corporations (Goldman Sachs, Liberty Mutual, Delta, etc.) and non-profits (Teach for America, Success Academy, etc.).

To earn a concentration in Management, a student must take (in addition to all of the other business and general education requirements) 1 required courses and 4 elective courses from a designated list. A student must earn a ā€œCā€ or higher in all five courses.  The one required course is BA 450 Organization Behavior.  The list of designated elective courses from which a student must pass the four electives is shown below. At least one elective has to come from Group A.

Group A
BA 410 Cost/Managerial Accounting
BA 451 Production/Operations Management
ECO 403 Labor Economics 
 Group B
BA 452 Human Resources Management
BA 453 Entrepreneurship
BA 454 Special Topics in Management
BA 455 Organizational Theory
PSY 470 Industrial/Organizational Psych

A suggested course sequence showing all required courses can be found here.

Management Director
Belinda Johnson White Ph.D.
Director and Associate Professor
Massey Leadership Center 128