Major Requirements

A student majoring in Business Administration must complete the 53 semester hours of the college-wide core curriculum but we also have specific requirements within that core. A Business Administration major must complete MTH 100 and MTH 120 (a student who places into a higher level of math should consult his adviser); ECO 201 and any three-semester-hour PSC (e.g., 251), PSY (e.g., 101) or SOC (e.g., 101) course for which the student satisfies the prerequisites as part of their social science requirements; and PHI 302 as part of their humanities requirement.  In addition to the core curriculum, a student must complete the following Business Administration core courses (39 semester hours):

BA 211 Principles of Accounting 1
BA 212 Principles of Accounting 2
ECO 202 Principles of Microeconomics
ECO 221 Basic Statistics
BA 225 Legal Environment of Business
BA 250 Principles of Management
BA 321 Leadership and Professional Development
BA 322 Management Information Systems
BA 324 International Business
BA 328 Management Decision Science
BA 330 Corporate Finance
BA 360 Principles of Marketing
BA 422 Business Policy and Strategy

Students must also take 15 semester hours to satisfy one of the four concentrations: Accounting, Finance, Management, and Marketing. Finally, all Business Administration majors must complete the following advanced skills courses: COM 351 and MTH 160. To graduate Morehouse, a student needs 120 completed semester hours. Given all of the required classes above, a student also has 7 free elective hours to finish his degree.  A cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher and the completion of MTH 120 with a grade of C or higher are required to enroll in BA 211.  To find a suggested course sequence for a Business Administration major, go to the concentration of choice (Accounting, Finance, Management and Marketing).

All business majors are also subject to the following departmental policies:

1. A grade of C or higher is required for majors to satisfactorily complete all business core courses, concentration courses and electives designated for the concentration.
2. Students who enroll in BA or ECO courses without meeting their prerequisites are subject to disenrollment by the department regardless of performance or time elapsed.
3. Business majors are not permitted to take more than 57 semester hours of BA courses.
4. Not more than four business courses taken at other institutions will be accepted for credit toward the B.A. in business administration at Morehouse.


Every student in the Department of Business Administration is majoring in Business Administration and all of them are pursuing the same degree (Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration). However, students are required to select a focus area during the last two years of their enrollment. These four concentration areas are Accounting, Finance, Management, and Marketing. Each concentration represents only 15 hours (5 courses) of the 120 credit hours needed to graduate but a tremendous amount of information and preparation is packed into these five classes. Since all students take the same basic Business Administration core classes, it is relatively easy to switch concentrations up until the junior year. All Business Administration students take a basic course in Accounting (Principles of Accounting 1 and 2), Finance (Corporate Finance), Management (Principles of Management) and Marketing (Principles of Marketing) so students have the luxury of exposure to each area before making a final decision as to the concentration they wish to pursue.  Information about each concentration and suggested course schedules can be found below.

Dr. Emmanuel Onifade, Director

Dr. Siavash Abghari, Director

Dr. Belinda Johnson White, Director

Dr. Cassandra Wells, Director