Business Administration Major

Mission Statement
The mission of the Department of Business Administration at Morehouse College is to develop intellectual capacity and skills, advance knowledge, and foster leadership abilities requisite for excellence in business practice, graduate studies and beyond.

"The preeminent business program for men seeking to excel in business, graduate school, public service and entrepreneurship." 


We value:
1.   high standards and expectations for ethical behavior, professional conduct and brotherhood.
2.   high expectations for academic excellence and career success.
3.   civic engagement, service and social justice for students and faculty.
4.   a global perspective.
5.   faculty and students' leadership development.
6.   the student voice in teaching, service and research.
7.   intellectual contributions intended to enhance teaching effectiveness, improve business
      practices and advance knowledge the business disciplines in order of emphasis respectively.
8.   relevance, continuous improvement and innovation in curriculum and teaching
9.   a collegial environment
10. partnerships with businesses, alumni, and the community
11. diversity in talent, background, skills, and gifts.
12. African American history and tradition in business and economics.



  1. Discipline Specific Goals and Outcomes. Students will demonstrate a fundamental knowledge of the functional areas of business.
  2. Communication. Business majors will have the ability to communicate effectively.

  3. Critical/Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving. Business majors will think critically to analyze business problems and to define logical solutions.

  4. Information Systems and Technology. Business majors will be able to describe the impact of technology on business and to identify, evaluate, and use information technology to enhance personal and organizational productivity.

  5. Global Awareness. Business majors will demonstrate an awareness of global issues.

  6. Ethics and Social Responsibility. Business majors will demonstrate an understanding of professional, ethical, legal, and social issues and responsibilities.

  7. Leadership, Professionalism, and Civic Engagement. Business majors will be able to apply the principles of leadership, demonstrate professional behavior, and effectively engage in a community project.

  8. Interpersonal and Teamwork Skills. Business majors will demonstrate effective interpersonal skills in achieving team goals and objectives.

  9. Organization and Synthesis of Learning. Business majors are able to organize and synthesize information.

  10. Graduate Education and Professional Career Preparation. Business students will gain exposure to various career alternatives and graduate education options.