Department of Biology

Neuroscience Minor

Dr. Valerie Haftel
Program Director
Phone: 470.639.0626

Neuroscience, the scientific study of the brain and its functions, is a field on the frontier of science. Neuroscientists study such issues as the molecular and cellular basis of neuronal function, nervous system structure, how systems of neurons process information, the way in which functions are represented in the brain, the evolutionary development of the nervous system, neural correlates of behavior, and mechanisms of nervous system disorders. The neuroscience minor at Morehouse College was designed to encourage students to approach their studies of human behavior from an inter-disciplinary perspective. Completing a minor in neuroscience distinguishes you for having pursued your interest in the sciences beyond the courses and electives required for your major. Training in neuroscience will be useful for many careers in the 21st century, including:

Anthropology Biology
Journalism Law
Medicine Neuroscience
Occupational Therapy Pharmacology
Physical Therapy Psychiatry
Psychology Public Health
Veterinary Medicine  


Neuroscience Minor Requirements
Students in any major and in any division are encouraged to pursue a minor in the neurosciences. To minor in neuroscience, you must complete 17 hours, consisting of the following courses:  BIO 112, BIO 123/PSY123, BIO 317, PSY 460, and one elective. In addition, students must take one advanced laboratory class (e.g., 317L), or 461)

Neuroscience Activities
Neuroscience is a booming field and there are many ways to get connected. Try these for a start.

  • GO to a neuroscience talk
    GSU Brains and Behavior Program                 
    Morehouse-sponsored seminars
    CBN-sponsored seminars
  • READ a neuroscience paper
  • TALK to one of your neuroscience professors:
    Dr. Larry Blumer
    Dr. Valerie Haftel
    Dr. Daniel Hummer
    Dr. Duane Jackson
    Dr. Chris Markham
  • JOIN a research lab
  • THINK like a scientist

Approved Neurobiology Elective Courses

  • Biology
    BIO  316 Principles of Physiology
  • Psychology
    PSY  341 Animal Behavior
    PSY  372 Learning and Memory
    PSY  386 Abnormal Psychology
    PSY  393 Health Psychology
  • Computer Science
    CSC  Artificial Intelligence

Additional courses on other Atlanta campuses may substitute for electives, subject to prior approval by the Neuroscience Committee at Morehouse College.

Declaring the Minor
If you would like to declare a neuroscience minor, contact:

Dr. Valerie Haftel, Program Director,

You must complete the Declaration or Change of Academic Major/Minor Form. Enrollment can be done at any time during your studies at Morehouse. The earlier, the better.

Atlanta Neuroscience Resources
Metropolitan Atlanta is home to one of the most active neuroscience research communities in the country.

Center for Behavioral Neuroscience

Centers for Disease Control

Morehouse School of Medicine
Neuroscience Institute

Society for Neuroscience – Atlanta Chapter

Yerkes National Primate Research

There are many student opportunities for research as part of the Atlanta Neuroscience Community.


Also, check out all the resources at the Society for Neuroscience website!