Department of Biology

Biology Major Curriculum 

The Biology curriculum consists of four specific areas: Core Courses, Biology Electives, Biology Elective Labortory, and Cognate Courses.

Each student must take 21 credit hours of biology elective courses, including three laboratory courses. Laboratory courses must be taken concurrently with the associated lecture courses. As many as two biology elective courses may be taken outside the department with the permission of the department chair. No more than one Public Health Sciences course may be taken for Biology elective credit.

I.  Core courses:  12 credit hours II.  Biology Electives:  18 credit hours
General Biology 111 + 111L Biology Electives with Laboratory Offered:
General Biology 112 + 112L Molecular Genetics 215
Cell Biology 251 Principles of Biochemistry 315
Senior Seminar 425 Principles of Physiology 316
  Principles of Neurobiology 317
  Ecology 320 (may be taken with 497L)
  Environmental Studies 497                                                                                                                                                                      


III.  Biology Laboratory courses: 3 credit hours Biology Electives Without Lab:
Must take concurrent with the lecture: Phase Hunters Research 110
Molecular Genetics 215L Intro to Public Health Sciences 240 (PHS)
Cell Biology 251L Ethnobotany 260
Principles of Biochemistry 315L Plant Sciences 319
Principles of Physiology 316L Special Topics:  Human Anatomy 322
Principles of Neurobiology 317L Special Topics:  Cancer Biology 323
Environmental Studies 497L Epidemiology 330 (PHS)
Special Topics:  Microbiology 321L Biostatistics 340 (PHS)


IV.  Cognate courses 23 - 24 credit hours   
General Chemistry 111 + 111L Epidemiology 330 (PHS)
General Chemistry 112 + 112L Biostatistics 340 (PHS)
Organic Chemistry 231 + 231L Bioinformatics 350
Physics 151 or 154 + laboratory Biological Research 381 - 382
Calculus I 161 Public Health Semina r450 (PHS)
Calculus II  162 or Statistics 130                    

Minor in Biology

A minimum of 16 hours of Biology, including General Biology (BIO 111-112), is required.

Advanced Placement Credit
A student who has successfully completed an AP Biology Course in high school and scored at a level of at least 4 on the Advanced Placement Test in Biology administered by the College Board will upon consultation with the Department Chairperson be exempted from the first semester of General Biology (111) and will receive 4 hours of credit. 

To complete a degree in Biology, you must have:

1)  a total of 120 academic semester hours

2)  a minimum overall GPA of 2.0

3)  a minimum grade of C in every course used to meet requirements for the major

4)  completion of required courses, elective courses and cognate courses in the major

5)  satisfactory completion of general studies courses required in the core curriculum 

Course Pre-requisite List

All upper-level (200+) courses have BIO 111 and BIO 112 pre-requisites

All laboratory courses have the associated lecture course (same course number unless otherwise noted) as co-requisite or pre-requisite.

BIO 112 Pre-requisite is BIO 111

BIO 251 (cell biology) Pre-requisite is BIO 112

BIO 215 (molecular genetics) Pre-requisite is 251 and CHE 111

BIO 315 (biochemistry) Pre-requisites are BIO 251 and CHE 231

BIO 316 (physiology) Pre-requisites are BIO 251, 215 and CHEM 231