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How to prepare for Graduation

  1. Review your degree requirements in Degree Works with your Academic Advisor or Academic Program Director. This is the person who will ensure you are on track to meet your academic program requirements. If you complete requirements within the academic year you may proceed to Step 2.
  2. Apply for graduation. You must apply for graduation for the term in which you plan on completing your degree requirements. If you do not complete the requirements for the term you initially applied, you will have 45 calendar days after the last day of the term to be considered for that term. You will then have to re-apply for the upcoming term. To re-apply, please send an email to

    There is a one-time non-refundable application processing fee. Please refer to the schedule of fees for additional information. Once you apply, your application cannot be withdrawn. You can only request that your application be moved to an upcoming term in which you will complete your academic program requirements.

    The deadline to apply for graduation to participate in Commencement 2022 is Friday, March 25, 2022.
    1. Review this How to Apply for Graduation PDF for help applying in Banner. 

      Important Dates to Remember:
      Apply for Fall 2021 by August 24, 2021
      Apply for Spring 2022 by March 25, 2022
      Apply for Summer 2022 by July 15, 2022
  3. Complete graduation administrative requirements. 
    1. Complete the online Senior Exit Survey. Students who have applied for graduation may click the link below to access the survey.  Completion of the survey is required for your diploma to be mailed to you.  If you have not applied for graduation you will not be able to access the link. 
    2. Complete a Financial Aid Exit Interview (if applicable). Graduating Seniors who received Federal loans (Stafford Subsidized or Stafford Unsubsidized) must complete a one-hour Exit Interview.
    3. Return books and resources to the Woodruff Library and satisfy any outstanding library fees in full
    4. Satisfy, in full, any outstanding account balance including the assessed graduation fee
    5. Obtain clearance from the Office of Student Conduct (if applicable)
    6. Students should check their TigerPay account for holds in each of the areas above. Removal of the hold(s) will be granted once the required task has been completed.
  4. Attend Senior Class meetings to ensure you are receiving pertinent information and updates.
  5. Complete each semester with excellence! Please refer to the academic calendar for the final exam schedule, it is important that you keep up with dates listed on the calendar.
  6. Check Banner Web or Degree Works to confirm your degree has been awarded and you have no holds preventing participation in the Commencement Ceremony. Please refer to the academic calendar for the graduation clearance period. Students can check Banner Web or Degree Works during this period to confirm their degree has been awarded. Students who have satisfied the following will be eligible to participate in the ceremony:
    1. Met all academic requirements
    2. Resolved Conduct Hold (if applicable)
    3. Satisfied Student Account Hold

If you have a Conduct or Student Account Hold you will not be able to participate in the ceremony. At this point, you are ready to participate in Commencement activities.

Graduation, Commencement Participation, and Diploma Requirements

ToA Student Must
Earn the degree
  • Meet all academic requirements
  • Satisfy conduct hold (if applicable)
Participate in the ceremony
  • Meet all academic requirements
  • Satisfy conduct hold (if applicable)
  • Satisfy account balance with Morehouse (includes one-time non-refundable graduation fee)
Receive the diploma and transcript after earning the degree
  • Meet all academic requirements
  • Satisfy conduct hold (if applicable)
    Satisfy account balance with Morehouse (includes one-time non-refundable graduation fee)
  • Satisfy outstanding library fees with Woodruff Library
  • Complete the Senior Exit Survey
  • Complete the Financial Aid exit interview (if applicable)
  • Complete the Perkins Loan exit interview (if applicable)