About Morehouse

Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel

The  purpose of the Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel is to teach excellence, ethics, equality and engagement. It is to demonstrate the interdisciplinary foundations of a learned ecumenical Christian ministry for the world; to create spiritual realization through value-and virtue-centered theologically based faith; and to inspire the communitarian development of servant scholars as visionary human rights revolutionists and social gospel activists coming from a place of Gandhian nonviolence and political personalism.  This is Martin Luther King’s informed service-oriented way to dialectically grow, personally and globally, with Cosmic Companionship, into democracy’s dignity and destiny, ensuring that piety never will be divorced from intellect.

The vision of this "World House," the Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel on the Morehouse College campus, is to signify forever Christ's ministry of reconciliation to people of all faiths, and to support diverse "communities of hope" that live out divine promises of unity and peace through interfaith, interreligious, interdenominational, interchurch, interdisciplinary, inspirational, intellectual, ecumenical, evangelical, experimental, messianic, post-denominational, practical and prophetic spiritual oneness in education and devotion to ethical and transcendent rule in optimum human conditions which lead to genuine community and global excellence based on a Hindu-Buddhist-Islamic-Judaic-Christian love.

The Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel seeks to develop, promote and accomplish clergy, laity, and youth awakening through reconciliation, non-violence, science, spirituality and the building of global "communities of hope." It is these "beloved communities" that live out divine promises of unity and peace. The Chapel is the world's most prominent living religious memorial to alumnus Martin Luther King Jr., class of 1948. The Chapel is the "living room" of historic Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, the birthplace of the civil rights movement in the United States of America. It is a “world house” where we welcome and honor distinguished global citizens who embody the vision of peace. It is in this manner that we inspire examples of Christ’s consciousness of unconditional love.

Hall of Honor
The International Hall of Honor in the Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel was initially established for preachers and presidents. This has been expanded to include all persons of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries who have made significant contributions to the civil and human rights nonviolence movement internationally. By establishing this gallery in the Morehouse College Chapel, we pay further tribute to the most prominent religious memorial on the planet honoring The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.