Purvis Young Collection

Purvis Young

Purvis Young (B. 1943) Purvis Young uses recycled materials found on the streets of one of Miami FL’s most urban neighborhoods to create art in a style that is truly unique and captivating. Purvis Young is considered to be one of the greatest outsider artists of our time. His work is in many private collections and in public museums around the world. Young’s work is on display at the House of Blues in Orlando FL, where a 60 ft. installation painted by Purvis on a fence is part of the permanent backdrop adjacent to the restaurant. Purvis Young’s work has been sold at many major auction houses including Christie’s N.Y. Purvis Young’s artwork continues to grow in value.

Purvis Young first gained attention as an artist more than 40 years ago, when he began making large mural-style paintings on plywood nailed to the exteriors of abandoned buildings in the Overtown ghetto where he has spent most of his life. In a fashion characteristic of his work, the paintings are on scrap wood panels and other flat, rectangular materials that Young salvages from the streets. He uses them in such a way that they can be seen as metaphors for the human lives that are wasted in such economically impoverished inner-city environments - tossed aside by society and yet being capable of being reclaimed and restored, just as Young transforms and renews the castoffs from which he makes his art.