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Title III



Enhancing Instructional Facilities

With this activity, Title III will support the instructional and research practices of the College by funding projects that help to modernize the academic spaces. The purpose of this activity is also to reduce the maintenance costs and energy consumption by incorporating sustainability practices that align with good environmental citizenship.

Strengthening Technology & Campus Safety

The purpose of this activity is to provide reliable communication, the proper tools, and a technological backbone for Morehouse to perform critical academic and operational functions with maximum productivity. Projects connected with this activity will enhance classroom technology, improve the College's network infrastructure, and upgrade the fiber optic connectivity between buildings.

Reengineering of Business Processes

The focus of this activity will be to modernize the College’s administrative and academic technology to manage the key metrics related to effective spend management processes, improve data hygiene, enhance the accuracy and completeness of records, and develop data-driven strategies. Therefore, this activity will conduct an assessment of all records, develop ways to consolidate work for cost optimization, and redesign less-than-optimal performing business processes that are critical to the College’s operations.

Talent Development

The primary goal of this activity is to ensure that professional development opportunities are offered to provide leaders and supervisors with critical leadership skills and behaviors, and best practices to successfully lead diverse groups of employees. The College will partner with professional development organizations that offer training for first-time supervisors, understand data analytics in education, build trust and collaboration in the workforce, manage successful projects, and create a culture of change to improve processes, leadership, and task management.

Faculty Development, Teaching and Advising Center

The purpose of this activity is to improve academic success by providing resources for the expansion of teaching practices and high contact advising. With an upgrade to the College’s Learning Management System and continued faculty training, the instructional staff will use their new skillset and pedagogy in the classroom, moving the College forward in the advising context.



Character Preeminence

Ensuring that African American Males Excel in a 21st Century World Focused on STEAM

This STEM-focused activity strengthens instruction and supports majors by creating opportunities to engage in learning communities, research, and extracurricular activities. Through interdisciplinary efforts, Character Preeminence also supports enrichment opportunities that bring the Arts to STEM. As a result, faculty and students use the Makerspace to create STEAM projects.

 STEM Symposium Fall 2017

STEM Symposium Fall 2017

STEM Symposium Fall 2017

STEM Symposium Fall 2017

STEM Symposium Fall 2017

STEM Symposium Fall 2017

STEM Symposium Fall 2017

Capital Preeminence

Create World-Class Space

Projects funded by this activity will include improvements in campus appearance, the efficiency of all facilities, and advancement of energy management plans, and the renovation of five (5) academic buildings.