Title III
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Kenyatta Stubbs
Director of Title III Programs

Camilya Robertson
Senior Program Analyst

Remeka Bowden
Program Analyst

Akilah Moody
Program Coordinator


Morehouse College Title III funded activities are aligned with the College’s strategic goals and initiatives and categorized by the one of the four focus areas:  Academic Quality, Student Services and Outcomes, Institutional Management, and Fiscal Stability.  In addition, all activities must fit into the Legislative Allowable Activities (LAA). 

Title III Activities (Part B)

Faculty Development and Instructional Technology
This activity promotes a culture of excellence that supports the professional development of faculty as teacher-scholar-leader.  In addition, it expands the use and integration of digital and social media in instructional design, student-centered instruction and pedagogy.

Technological and Physical Campus Improvements
This activity provides the proper tools and a technological background allowing Morehouse to perform critical academic and operational functions with maximum productivity.  Also, it enables the College to renovate instructional facilities to accommodate the enhancements to the academic programs.

Redesign and Enhancement of Business Processes
This activity develops ways to consolidate and work for cost optimization, redesign business processes that are critical to the College’s operations and develop and implement practices and procedures to maintain an environment of continuous improvement.

Administrative Professional Development
This activity supports professional development opportunities for staff and administrators.

Retention Services
This activity strengthens the Advising Center’s infrastructure and services that incorporate components of the College’s retention plan and student development plans.

Project Administration
This activity provides operating expenses for oversight and evaluation of the College’s implementation of the Title III Part B grant.

Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act (SAFRA)/
Mandatory Funding Activities (Part F)

Instructional Facility Enhancements
This activity supports the renovation of instructional facilities to create a more suitable environment for student learning and instruction.

Strengthening Academic Instruction and Student Learning
This activity provides faculty with opportunities to explore areas in pedagogy that deepen students' understanding and require the support of instructional aids such as lab equipment, research tools, and software. Also, it supports the faculty's initiatives related to enhancing student global learning.

Teacher Certification
This activity provides support for the development of a teacher certification program for students seeking elementary or high school teacher certification.

Program Administration
This activity provides operating expenses for oversight and evaluation of the College's implementation of the SAFRA grant.